Paginación en MVC

Paginación en MVC.

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Ideas de ASP.NET MVC

Action Filters.
An action filter is an attribute that you can apply to a controller action — or an entire controller — that modifies the way in which the action is executed
Ej: CoieControladorBase

Qué hacer cuando intentamos comprobar el valor de algo en sesión y esta no existe.

Rendimiento: medir tiempo empleado

Using Asynchronous Methods in ASP.NET MVC

Introducción a async y await en ASP.NET

An asynchronous request takes the same amount of time to process as a synchronous request. For example, if a request makes a web service call that requires two seconds to complete, the request takes two seconds whether it is performed synchronously or asynchronously. However, during an asynchronous call, a thread is not blocked  from responding to other requests while it waits for the first request to complete […..]

The await keyword does not block the thread until the task is complete. It signs up the rest of the method as a callback on the task, and immediately returns. When the awaited task eventually completes, it will invoke that callback and thus resume the execution of the method right where it left off

Using Asynchronous Methods in ASP.NET MVC 4

Using an Asynchronous Controller in ASP.NET MVC